19 Nov 2008

Backscatter - microwave compendium

Last week G4BAO showed me a copy of a new book running to nearly 400 pages called "Backscatter" which has been created from articles previously published in the microwave newsletter "Scatterpoint". The book is available for £14 and, if you are into microwaves from 1.3GHz upwards this is a very useful reference book.

It was fascinating to read about something called rainscatter which allows 10GHz stations to work each other by scattering signals off rain clouds/drops up to distances of 600-700kms. This mode allows narrowband uWave stations to work great distances, even from less than perfect home locations. Small 45cm dishes and about 1W RF seems all that is required at 10GHz to use this mode, which works even with NBFM. Signals sound like aurora as they get spread by the scattering process.

I can't see myself getting on 10GHz in a hurry but I can understand the fascination with such intriguing propagation modes to be explored.

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