24 Jun 2015

Nighttime DX on 6m

Although I was not spotted by any DX on 10m, I spotted on 6m WSPR, in the middle of the night at 2000km, a station in Finland (OH7AZL). Magic band! The "common wisdom" is this is Es although with these very northern openings especially at these odd times might be due to noctilucent cloud reflection? I wonder if any better equipped European stations were copied in Japan on 6m?


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Still it is all a strange thing on the magic band. I saw a spot on JT65A yesterday between Malaysia and Germany. Unfortenately didn't see it myself so I think it has to do with "wrong band". Are there any JA stations on WSPR? Had some ES QSO's on 6m yesterday evening with SSB and JT65A. Signals were very strong. 73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

Hi Bas,

That is always a problem on WSPR - too few active stations where we need them! I am using WSPR currently as it suits my present (disabled) state. Thankfully I am still getting better, but too slowly, HI. Maybe this time NEXT year I shall have my voice back properly again! Currently I try to be active for about 1 hour in the 2m and 70cm legs of the RSGB Tuesday evening UKAC contests, but an hour is hard work. JT65 and JT9 are both modes I have used.