17 Apr 2014

Powerline interference

This appeared on  Facebook today:

"Leaked: EN 50561-3 - the latest revision of the interference-disaster-in-waiting 
Our thanks goes to our spy in the camp who has kindly and anonymously leaked the latest revision of EN 50561 (EN 50561-3) - the highly dubious "Standard" which will allow a new generation of powerline networking devices to produce an extra ten thousand times more interference than the current generations do, exposing innumerable radio services to impossible levels of interference.

The EMC industry remains deeply concerned about the continuing progress of this laughable standard, which makes a mockery of the European EMC regime. We strongly recommend that all interested parties lodge protest with their national representatives for the appropriate service - and do so without delay.

Back-up link, should an attempt be made to pull this from the public domain: http://bit.ly/1e0OXvf 
We recommend you download this without delay."
If this spec is not changed before final release, we will be in trouble if interested in weak signal modes on  HF.


G1KQH said...

Sounds Great! Brilliant when you have just bought your TS990, FTDX5000. Time to pack up and start stamp collecting, a much quieter hobby :-(

The problem is we have a Radio Society which has done and is doing nowt about any of it :-(

73 G1KQH

Roger G3XBM said...

Dear Roger,

I noticed the article about powerline interference on your blog.
Few days ago I signed a petition against the new proposal of the EN 50561-3 standard. The petition is unfortunately in German. I got known about it from www.hamradio.sk:
Petícia proti zvýšeniu povolenej hranice rušenia zariadeniami PLC
There is written:
" Petition against raising the permitted level of interference devices PLC

Published 04/06/2014 | by Tono OM3LU

The European Union wishes to 20,000 x (!) increase the allowable limit of interferencing PLC devices. It is a modification of the European standard EN 50561-1 PLC. Mario OE9MHV organized a petition against the proposal to be submitted to the Vice-President of the European Commission Vivien Reding.


Clicking on this link will take you to the petition www pages. Below "Diese Petition unterzeichnen" in the section "E-Mail" fill in your email address and then will be opened additional lines for your name, state and zip code to fill. Send the petition by clicking on the red box "Senden". "

Unfortunately I cannot sign-in on your blog, so I write the reply by e-mail.
Thank you for writting your interesting blog which I occasionally read.

With Best Wishes, 72, 73
Jiri, OK1DXK